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Paisley Currah is a professor of political science and women’s & gender studies at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He also occassionally works as an adjunct professor for the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University. Currah has written widely on the topics related to transgender rights rights, sex reclassification policies, and feminism. With Susan Stryker, he was the founding editor of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, the flagship journal of transgender studies. Currah co-edited, with Shannon Minter and Richard Juang, Transgender Rights, which won the Sylvia Rivera Award in Transgender Studies and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. As a founding board member of the Transgender Law and Policy Institute Currah has advocated for transgender rights at all levels of government. He also serves on the board of directors Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE). His book, Sex is as Sex Does: Transgender Identity and the Politics of Classification, is forthcoming from New York University Press.  Currah received his BA from Queen’s University and his PhD from Cornell University.  Many of his articles can be downloaded from his Academia.edu page.

Currah also consults as a content editor for book projects related to GLBT studies, gender studies, and transgender studies.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Paisley- did u go to GBC in Sundridge? Was just driving up hwy 11 and was thinking of pplw from camp and your name came to mind. I was a camp and I’m guessing ur th same Paisley C on staff. Bay

  2. Contrary to what you wrote in your 2000 article, “Unprincipled Exclusions,” “gender identity” is NOT “a fundamental aspect of personhood.” (By the way, radical subjectivism actually is “philosophical.”)

    Early in your life, you didn’t bond properly with your mother or mother figure. Reflexively, you cross-identified with available males. You are and always will be FEMALE.


    The corruption of the American Psychiatric Association and similar liberal-run organizations is well documented. See Jeffrey Satinover, HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE POLITICS OF TRUTH.

    GayScam will end. The truth will out.

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