Take a Seat, Mr. Feminist Man

(This is NOT apropos of the moment–this was written about the Kavanaugh hearings.  But I wanted to gather my thoughts from a Facebook post and thread to have them in one place.  I’m working this weekend on a piece about Trump and the politics of sex classification.)

You know one thing the world doesn’t need right now? Holier-than-thou trans men soulfully mansplaining to cis men about the #metoo movement. For those of us binary trans masculine folks, this is not the moment to usurp women’s voices.

Not only does this sort of posturing suggest trans men are feminist angels, posting such nonsense seems really to be about the expectation that we should not only thanked–which is bad enough–but even praised for not being assholes. And what is more feminist-bro behavior than that?

Trans men taking advantage of this moment to let the world know that we aren’t like other men, that we’re some sort of exception, are in the minority, thankfully. But coming across it in social media is still cringe-worthy. If you’re white and pass, you can’t transition and then pretend you don’t have the social power that masculinity confers. Let’s listen to the people who lack that social power.  Take a seat, boys.