Why I am voting for Bernie Sanders

Tomorrow, in the New York primary, I will be voting for Bernie Sanders. I see few discernible differences on them on LGBT- specific policy. But Sanders’ policies on income inequality, on incarceration, on the fundamental role of government, are going to do much more for economically disenfranchised queer and trans people than anything in Clinton’s program. Clinton has been trying to sell us the idea that it’s just not possible to do better. I disagree. As Corey Robin puts it so well: “The American ruling class has been trying to figure out for years, if not decades, how to manage decline, how to get Americans to get used to diminished expectations, how to adapt to the notion that life for the next generation will be worse than for the previous generation, and now, how to accept…low to zero growth rates as the new economic normal. Clinton’s campaign message isn’t just for Bernie voters; it’s for everyone. Expect little, deserve less, ask for nothing. When the leading candidate of the more left of the two parties is saying that — and getting the majority of its voters to embrace that message — the work of the American ruling class is done.”

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