Revving up the engine

Stay tuned, my two followers.  After a bit of a hiatus, I’m restarting this blog. I’ll  be using it to think through knotty problems or interesting but not quite thought through thoughts as I work through the home stretch of my manuscript, the long awaited opus, United States of Sex.  I’ll also be posting on topics of the day that excite or irk me.  You can expect to see musings on states and sex classification, my take on the transgender rights movement, academia, teaching, Brooklyn.

Imagined communities have their uses (they say)–but there’s nothing like imagining an actual audience to focus one’s thoughts.  Of course, one of my two blog followers is the supremely loyal but not particularly well read Alfie Mackenzie (below).


One thought on “Revving up the engine

  1. And you know very well who the other one is. Actually, there may be two more besides Alfie, and they both have the same name.

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